Dada Kunst
The work that Carolyn presents, I believe deserves a wider appreciation and audience commensurate with the quality of work.

This work, representing as it does a change of direction, was motivated by the various schools of Art in Germany emanating from the Blauer Reiter and later movements spanning Dada, Expressionism and the later Germanic Schools centred on Munich and Berlin. The work represents a new facet of interpretation and creation creating a new perception of the key themes but representing it in a new context namely the 21st century. From this standpoint we can view these works differently by selecting the main themes and key figures of this movement. These are shown vividly in her work and reach a new significance by means of the ways she interprets them as individuals and places them in their context. Indeed it is these efforts that deserve recognition since we can see them objectively from our own standpoint in the 21st Century .It is this new standpoint and the efforts that are made to re interpret them in a new form for the spectator that catches our attention .It reveals a close attention to them in hi
storical context yet lifts them into a new arena of appreciation and understanding.

Key personalities are revealed including the artist’s, singers and personalities of this pre- war Germany. It absorbs the atmosphere subjectively and produces startling new imagery based on these popular figures. 

I believe that the quality, context  can be seen more widely as interpretive and narrative significance at this present time, which is why I am delighted to signify this work as meriting a further audience.

Gerald  Porter  FRSA Med Cert Ed Post Grad University of Leicester 

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